Video and Presentation Slide Deadline is extented to 27th November 2020

This year, Association of Science Technology and Innovation (ASTI) and also Science Fair for Young Children working group committee has decided to give opportunity to more schools to take part on National Level. Thus, 100 schools have been selected to participate in the National Level Science Fair for Young Children (NSFYC) 2020.

For NSFYC 2020, schools are required to design an experiment (without demonstrating the hands-on experiment) based on the chosen Scientific Aspects. The participants need to submit a 10 minutes video and 5-Slide PowerPoint Presentation. From the 100 schools top 20 schools will be awarded. The top 10 finalist will be interviewed by our panel of judges to determine the ranking.

100 schools that has been selected for NSFYC 2020


Important Dates to Remember:


NSFYC Participation Confirmation Form

Link: https://rb.gy/53crtx

*Download, fill up and submit to us by 26 October 2020

Questions for NSFYC 2020

Link: https://rb.gy/hi08q9

Module 1_ How to upload video in YouTube via Computer

Link: https://rb.gy/lu4u0x

Module 2_ How to upload video in YouTube via Mobile App

Link: https://rb.gy/nr3meo