The Science Fair for Young Children is the greatest endeavor in Malaysia for the right group at the right time. Our children need the total involvement in learning science and experience the scientific skills through science based activities. Therefore science fairs are ideal in accomplishing the objective by giving students an opportunity to learn a scientific topic or concept in greater depth. The Science Fair for Young Children is the only event that can expose Tamil school student’s talents at this age and be prepared for future learning of science.


School Level Science Fair

The School Level Science Fair (SLSF) was introduced in Tamil schools in the year 2009 as a pilot project in the state of Johor or Zone 8. The project was conducted in all the 70 schools in Johor and it was a great success….

Zone Level Science Fair

Over the years, the participation of schools in the Zone Level Science Fair has been on the rise. The organisers initially divided the nation into 6 zones. In 2010, due to experience gained by the organisers on how to run the…

National Level Science Fair

The National Science Fair for Young Children 2016 was held as a two (2) day event which started on 12th August 2017, Saturday morning at 7.00am and ended on 13th August 2017 at 3.00pm. The event was a great success…

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