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Science Fair for Young Children

The Science Fair for Young Children is the greatest endeavor in Malaysia for the right group at the right time. Our children need the total involvement in learning science and experience the scientific skills through science based activities. Therefore science fairs are ideal in accomplishing the objective by giving students an opportunity to learn a scientific topic or concept in greater depth. The Science Fair for Young Children is the only event that can expose Tamil school student’s talents at this age and be prepared for future learning of science.

Students learn science with greater interest when it is more ‘hands-on’ or experimental, whereby they are led on a path of discovering scientific truths as they seek to satisfy their curiosity.Science Fairs are ideal as they give students an opportunity to learn a scientific concept in greater depth, while simultaneously allowing them to:

Use scientific methods to develop an understanding of controls and variables;

Take an open and creative approach to problem solving;

Sharpen their writing skills and their ability to work in a team, to plan and execute tasks;

Develop their public speaking skills as they present projects to schoolmates and judges;

Compete and be recognised for academic achievement whereas the judging process also provides students with the invaluable experience of developing poise and thinking on their feet.

In 2003, a team was set up to organise the Young Scientific Explorers, and a group of volunteers visited schools to demonstrate simple yet exciting projects to students followed by a trip to the National Science Centre. Upon its success, and recognising the benefits of a science fair, SFYC was initiated in 2006.

A team of scientists and educationists was formed and tasked with developing the concept, materials and the supporting structure to implement pilot projects. The following year, the first SFYC was held at the Dewan Tunku Canselor, University Malaya and it was a big success with 49 teams from Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan taking part. The enthusiasm shown by the young scientists was simply electrifying! 2008 onwards the SFYC was then expanded nationwide.